CHOCOLATE LOVERS WORD SCRAMBLE Brain Teaser Fun for Adults, Teens, Parents & Kids – Improve Your Mind, Vocabulary, Spelling – while picking up fun Recipes Candy, Cookies, Cupcakes … (Educational Puzzles and Fun Brain Games) [Kindle Edition]


Okay…chocolate is supposed to be good for your brain, and word games are supposed to be good for your brain. I feel so much smarter already!

This is a delightful delicious book that combines fun with word games and facts and recipes on CHOCOLATE! The game is much like a jumble and scramble together. The facts are fun as well and the recipes are keepers. One on a simple ingredient change for better brownies! You and your kids will enjoy this kind of fun as a family project at home – be together and learning fun times. Nothing like spending time in the kitchen with mom and dad when one is (was) a kid! Go generate some beautiful and delicious memories for your children’s brain, taste buds and heart! Something they will remember their whole lives! I do and did! YUMMY to my heart!

So right on. The book is all about enjoying your learning, enjoying your life and creating great memories! Read more….


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