According to cutting edge color-energy theory, there are 17 basic color personalities or Color Signs.

The theory states that while we are each an ever-changing rainbow or moving light projection containing all the colors of the universe (with every color imaginable in every personality), you can still determine your underlying predominant color personality within the ColorScope.

Your Color Sign can be determined by answering 14 simple multiple choice questions found in the book Power Color that define your underlying energy pattern(s).

The test is very revealing. But more than opening a new window through which you can see yourself, you can learn about your family, friends, dates, business partners, employees and literally view a new world of possibility. Armed with this valuable knowledge, you learn your best bets in love and friendships, brief affairs, enduring romances as well as how you will function with other Color Personalities in business relationships.

Once you know who you are, speaking color-wise here, you can make magic with the rainbow: reduce that waistline, draw in prosperity, attract the opposite sex, underline your objectives in life, know what color clothing to choose to add to your power or fade into the shadows, learn what colors mean in decoration and healing. It is amazing what color can do.

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