Have you ever thought of yourself as a particular color or colors? Are you a Fiery Red? A Calm Blue? A nuclear Intellectual Yellow? A Social Orange? A Regal Purple? Believe it or not, your underlying energy patterns reflect in specific colors that translate to a Color Sign and Color Personality.

Whether or not you have considered this, rest assured, you are a predominant color energy! You can easily find out what your Color Sign is by taking the Color-Energy Personality Test and ascertaining your ColorScope in friendships, brief affairs, enduring romances, and business relationships. Find out why you are attracted to, or repelled by, other Color Signs.

And more than that, learn how you can use color to balance your life, health, and emotions. Wear certain colors “strategically” to get the things you want and need. “Disappear” or emphasize your persona at an important meeting. “Color” your home to underline your personality. It’s amazing what can be accomplished with color. You can even use color to lose weight and attract wealth once you understand the power of color! Read more about Power Color kindle bundle on Amazon.com.


Read more about the individual kindle volumes:

  • Volume 1: Color Sign Compatibilities in Love and Friendship
  • Volume 2: Business Compatibilities and Employee Questionnaire
  • Volume 3: Balance and Change Your Life with Color
  • Volume 4: Lose Weight, Gain Wealth and Grow Younger


All four Volumes in one paperback edition.

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