VAMPIRE CASTLE: Retro Comics 11, Vampire 1

Do You Love Blood-Sucking “Batty” Barons?

Are you into Scary, Fun and Funky?

Then you want to hear and SEE Gwenn Dorn’s hair-raising story in “living retro color” as she reveals the chilling, petrifying ordeal she and her sweetheart Jon face against the overwhelming challenge of the supernatural! She swears this is absolutely true.

Be there when

  • The Baron forces Gwenn’s father to give up his daughter
  • The horse-drawn coach, carrying Gwenn and the Baron, flies into the sky
  • Gwenn’s lover Jon wounds the leader of the man-eating dog pack
  • Gwenn meets the Baron’s four dead wives

Yes…it’s scary, fun and funky.

Enjoy A Fabulous Slice of Horror and Weird stuff


As Retro Comics awakens the fun of the fifties!

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