TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE CATMAS is a play on The Night Before Christmas,” the Christmas classic poem first published anonymously in 1823,  generally attributed to Clement Clarke Moore.

But in our rhyming, illustrated, children’s book version, Santa is a huge, handsome mouse, called St. Catmouse, whose sleigh is pulled by eight enormous cats. There’s Meower the Snow Leopard, Roar the Lion, Purrfect the Panther, Whiskers the Tiger, Scratcher the Eurasian Lynx, Leaper the Jaguar, Paws the Leopard, and Graceful the Cheetah. And a family of domestic cats and kittens are waiting for St. Catmouse to bring Cat Nip and Fuzzy Toys for Catmas.

 Our story begins…

Twas the night before Catmas when all through the den
Not a creature was stirring, not even the hen.
Empty boxes of catnip lined the window in hope
That St. Catmouse would soon come or the kittens would mope.

The illustrations are exceptional and the playful poem will have you and your children giggling all the way…

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