THE VAMPIRE CAT: A HALLOWEEN CURSE, Retro Comics 12, Vampire 2 [Kindle Edition]

Do You Believe in Supernatural Curses?!!!

Are you into Scary, Fun and Funky?

Do you believe an innocent thought, wished in anger, can become a HORRIBLE CURSE? Then you want to …

Be there when:

  • Flo wishes Vilma (WHO IS COMING ON TO FLO’S BF) into a CAT!
  • Evil Forces take over and Vilma becomes a VAMPIRE who MUST feast on humans nightly or become a cat forever!
  • Vilma gets into the Vampire “POWER” TRIP!
  • AND THEN into the “CATNIP!”


Yes…it’s scary,
Yes…it’s fun,
…and it’s without a doubt funky!
A Fabulous Slice of Retro Horror and Weird stuff

As Retro Comics awakens the WEIRD Halloween Curse from the Fifties!

and Start Freaking Out Today!