THE RETURN OF THE WEREWOLF: Retro Comics, Vol 7, Werewolf 1 [Kindle Edition]

Do You Love Horror and Weird Stuff?

Then you’ll want to be there when the fiend who returns knowing the stroke of midnight will signal the coffins to open as two helpless victims watch the grisly reunion! But neither the coffins nor the victims are the real reason for the Return of the Werewolf when he seeks out the one thing he cannot live without!

Be there!

  • When the clock strikes 12
  • When the Wolf Pack gathers around their Master
  • When the Victims are made ready for the Feast

Werewolf attack

Join the Werewolf

  • As he tracks down his most precious “possession”
  • As he stalks Ginny
  • And how at the last second Dave turns the tables.


Experience the Horror and Weird Stuff!

werewolf and vulnerable woman

A Fabulous Tidbit of Terror!


As Retro Comics Awakens the Dead!

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