With age, we begin the beastly battle of animal parts. Crow’s feet, turkey necks, and bulldog jowls all settle in to replace the precious, plump baby’s bottom beauty of our youth. Keeping facial muscles taut is serious business. We anti-agers have got a tiger by the tail (and I’m not crying wolf). So as an advocate of naturally firm, wrinkle-free skin, and author of the Facelift Naturally acupressure program, I say, “Hold that tiger!”

My first line of defense for a clean jaw line is total facial acupressure. Since the jaw line and neck are like socks that bag at the ankles, when you pull them up at the top, they smooth out at the bottom.

My second approach is non-wrinkling facial exercise that intelligently targets specific muscle groups. The exercises in this book do just that and more. After going through the exercises just one time, you will definitely feel something happening. Your lips will even regain fullness.

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