STUBBY THE MAGIC ROPE! Stubby is an unhappy little rope who mopes all the time and thinks he is nothing special. Then he discovers he is the most magical rope in the world! You won’t believe the change!

This charming, illustrated children’s book puts a new spin on the Magic Rope Trick. It is part of Anti-Aging Press’ child’s art and sensitivity experience series.

A deceptively simple story, Stubby teaches a child to think, feel, and experience a life lesson while learning  about colors and being entertained. They learn that sometimes when it’s least expected, magic happens for boys and girls. When life looks bleak, take a deep breath and let go. You will be amazed at what happens. Stubby has gotten fabulous reviews from adults and children alike.


Stubby cried out loud!

But one day, Stubby cried out loud,
“Oh, I wish I was something special,
a long, slim rope like my mother
or a magician like my father!”

And Wow! Something magical began to happen!

Magic Happened!

Find out what magic happened!



Everyone should buy a copy of this book for their children. And then they should read it first.

My ‘inner child’ loved this book and I will read it from time to time to keep the lessons I learned fresh in my mind.

Julia Busch is on my buying list for good books.

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