Simple, master stroke techniques, when used alone, are enormously effective. They can also be used to augment, or alternate with, my Facelift Naturally acupressure Program.

You can prove their effectiveness to yourself by immediately erasing the wrinkles on your forehead. They are the easiest wrinkles to eliminate and are caused, mainly, by stress and facial expressions.

Take stock of your forehead by studying it in the mirror under a good light, so you can see this really works.

Hint: Before we start, if you rub your hands together 50 times to warm them, you’ll increase your energy flow and stroking effectiveness.

This is just a teaser. There are a total of four wonderful master strokes for the forehead alone. But this should be enough to convince you.


Stroke the letter "V" onto your forehead


Using only your pinkies, ring and middle fingers, both hands touching just between your eyebrows at the bridge of your nose, stroke the letter V, upward, 10 to 50 times. Use a feather-light touch to slowly and gently move upward and outward — each hand drawing one leg of the V.

Feel as if your fingertips are a soft breeze caressing your forehead. Your touch should be almost imperceptible.

Relax your neck, shoulders, eyes, lips, jaw…. Feel your entire body, bit by bit, go limp all the way to your toes. Close your eyes. Continue to stroke.

Okay just one more. I love this one. I feel like my eyebrows are relaxing down to my toes.


Stroke the letter "M" onto your forehead

Using the same fingers, draw the letter M. This time begin at the bridge of your nose and stroke ever-so-lightly. Follow the curve of your eyebrows. In your mind’s eye, see your eyebrows slowly lowering… descending downward…. downward, until your eyebrows are at eye level. Continue to see them lower until they are resting at the bottom of your eyes. Feel your forehead totally relax. Repeat 10 to 50 times, according to the depth of your creases.

Okay, take a quick look in the mirror. There’s a difference already, right?. And you’ve just begun. There are still the tightening strokes and more.

Easy, relaxing, and effective. And did I mention that the book is fully illustrated?

You will look marvelous! More…