REMOVING YOUR OWN CANCER – How to Use Herbs to Extract Skin Cancers, Warts, Moles, Skin Tags and More! reveals that herbs have been used for thousands of years to remove cancers and that it is possible for one to extract one’s own cancers using herbal “surgery.”

You will also learn how to remove small skin cancers with one application of an escharotic herbal paste.

Moles, skin tags and warts can also be removed with an herbal escharotic paste.

Using escharotic salves and pastes on primarily skin and breast cancers, traditionally, medical doctors have reported an 80% success rate.

While this book is listed as the second volume in the NATURAL SKIN CARE series (first volume is “Cure Rosacea”), it goes more than skin deep, including links to videos and to very balanced, scholarly books on alternative systemic cancer therapies, one a magnum opus on “Cancer Salves” that took a natural healer a good part of her adult life to assemble. She has received two honorary doctorates for her impeccable work. There is a wealth of alternative cancer treatments available.

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