POWER COLOR Volume 4. Color Me Wealthy, Young and Fat Free! (Power Color Your Personal ColorScope) [Kindle Edition]

Volume four. Need to lose weight? Want to grow younger? Need more money? Volume 4 gives you specific routines and visualizations to give you what you want and need. You can grow younger, attract wealth, and lose weight.

And if you are interested in learning more about scientific color theory and color healing, Volume 4 gives you resources for that too!

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Volumes one and two focus on relationships:

  1. Volume one includes love, friendships, and your best choices for enduring romance.
  2. Volume two gives insights into your business associations, offering the color test for hiring employees and showing you your best choices for partnerships and business alliances.

Volume three illustrates how you can balance and change your life by deliberately selecting colors to wear, meditate on, and surround yourself with.

Read more about the other kindle volumes:

  • Volume 1: Color Sign Compatibilities in Love and Friendship
  • Volume 2: Business Compatibilities and Employee Questionnaire
  • Volume 3: Balance and Change Your Life with Color


See Power Color kindle bundle Vols. 1 – 4 on Amazon.com.


All four Volumes in one paperback edition.

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