The Return of the Werewolf – Kindle Retro Comic

When the clock strikes midnight the coffins open as two helpless victims watch the grisly reunion of werewolves and they are the intended celebration dinner.

How to Get What You Need Everyday!

  LIVING A RICH LIFE: HOW TO GET WHAT YOU NEED EVERYDAY! We have been told we can achieve material and spiritual miracles by asking the universe for what we want ever since we were children. We have also been told that prayer is the answer for anything we want. This is totally true! But […]

Add to Your Bottom Line with Word Press Plugins

  PLUGIN HOT SHOT! WordPress Plugin Creation Secrets (As Overheard by Eldi Abilo from Jason Fladlien) (Deliciously Wicked Tricks Series) This training manual is a cutting-edge opportunity to make your bottom line soar with multiple sales. Information products sell one-by-one while WordPress plugins can be purchased in tiered licensed multiples. You get more bang for […]

Learn to Laugh, Relax!

JUST FOR LAUGHS! ANTI-AGING FUNNY BONE LAUGH LESSONS, HOW TO LAUGH AND TICKLE YOUR FANCY! Let go and ho-ho! Be the life of the party with your oh so special laugh! What’s it going to be? Tee-hee? A musical ha-ha-ha? A deep haw-haw-haw? It’s great fun to develop your own personal style. Not only will […]

I LOVE YOU MY BABY – Smallest Baby Wildcat in the World

I LOVE YOU MY BABY is story about a very special little wildcat cub. His name is Myshayo. He is a Geoffroy baby, who is one of the smallest wildcat cubs in the world.

Hire the Right Person for the Job!

POWER COLOR Volume 2 – COLOR TEST FOR EMPLOYEES AND BUSINESS ASSOCIATES! Are you hiring the right person for the job? No guessing needed! Fourteen questions will tell you what you need to know. Questions are multiple choice, situation-based and reflect an individual’s energy patterns which translate into color. For instance,  what would you do […]

The Vampire Cat: A Halloween Curse, Kindle Retro Comics

Do you believe an innocent thought, wished in anger, can become a HORRIBLE CURSE? Then you want to be there when Evil Forces take over and Vilma becomes a VAMPIRE who MUST feast on humans nightly or become a cat forever!

How to Dress, Look and Feel Like Lady Gaga!

  DRESSED TO THRILL HOW TO BE LADY GAGA: Costumes, Attitude, Makeup & Resources If you want to be Lady Gaga: Feel and act free! Lady Gaga is an Aries. She can’t help but be free. Loosen up. The lyrics in “I did it my way” describe her to a tee. Get into her mind […]

New Help for Acne Rosacea

CURE ROSACEA – NEW INFORMATION, HELP AND HOPE FOR ADULT ACNE  (Natural Skin Care) by Julia Busch (Kindle Edition) Very different from ordinary “garden variety” acne, a mild case of rosacea can result in slight flushing (vasodilation) in the middle of the face. Severe cases display excessive redness in the cheeks and nose, greasiness, enlarged […]

What Color Are You?

POWER COLOR BUNDLE VOLUMES 1-4 [Kindle Edition] Have you ever thought of yourself as a particular color or colors? Are you a Fiery Red? A Calm Blue? A nuclear Intellectual Yellow? A Social Orange? A Regal Purple? Believe it or not, your underlying energy patterns reflect in specific colors that translate to a Color Sign […]