Facelift Naturally Acupressure for Men & Women

  FACELIFT NATURALLY, THE AT HOME, OR ANYWHERE, PAINLESS, NATURAL FACELIFT FOR MEN AND WOMEN THAT REALLY WORKS! This easy acupressure system really gets the job done. Many times, differences are noticed after the first session.   WHAT READERS ARE SAYING “Facelift Naturally really works….The lines from my nose to my lips and chin are […]

How to Look Younger Naturally!

LOOK YOUNGER NATURALLY! Anti-Aging Secrets to Regain Your Youthful Essence and Become Positively Ageless! (Natural Facelift) [Kindle Edition] When we think of anti-aging, our first image is wrinkle-free, taut skin. But how many people have you seen who have undergone dramatic cosmetic procedures and lack a youthful essence? They still “feel” and act old. That […]

Aromatherapy Correspondence Courses & References

VOLUME 6. TREAT YOUR FACE LIKE A SALAD! Skin Care Naturally, Wrinkle-and-Blemish-Free Recipes and Gourmet Hints for a Fabu-lishous Face includes Skin Care Routines Resources & Selected Reading.

The Reincarnation of an Exotic Savannah Cat!

KHALIL THE GOLDEN PRINCE, A MAGICAL SAVANNAH CAT, RETURNS. Do you love photographs of exquisite, exotic hybrid cats? You’ll find them here. After leaving the earth and his family for over a year, Khalil returns to his beloved home and Auntie Mari, an exotic Bagral (half Fishing Cat), his Desert Lynx brothers Feather and Poppie, […]

Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi and Civil Disobedience

Three powerful retro comic books in one: Martin Luther King and the Montgomery Story: How 50,000 Negroes Found a New Way to End Racial Discrimination (be on the cutting edge as it happened); Mahatma Gandhi & How a Nation Won Its Freedom; How the Montgomery Method Works

The Fat Cat Shat: For Anyone With A Cat & A Litterbox

THE FAT CAT SHAT: FOR ANYONE WITH A CAT AND A LITTERBOX! What Readers are Saying! “A Cat Scatt-ological masterpiece!” “Outrageously Funny!” “Great Drawings!” “A gift no one will forget – even if they want to!” Over Fifty Original Drawings! “This book is horrible.” This controversial little book is getting lots of attention! The lines […]

Yummy Chocolate Recipes & Word Scramble Games Big Book

CHOCOLATE LOVERS WORD SCRAMBLE Brain Teaser Fun for Adults, Teens, Parents & Kids – Improve Your Mind, Vocabulary, Spelling – while picking up fun Recipes Candy, Cookies, Cupcakes … (Educational Puzzles and Fun Brain Games) [Kindle Edition] WHAT READERS on Amazon.com ARE SAYING! Okay…chocolate is supposed to be good for your brain, and word games […]

Now You Can Create Easy Animations and E-cards

    CREATE EASY ANIMATIONS AND ECARDS! Made in Minutes and Remembered for a Lifetime! HAVE FUN, BE UNIQUE, MAKE A STATEMENT! Create your Special Occasion and Holiday E-cards with your own personal photos, drawings, or digital downloads to make flashing, animated graphics that are uniquely yours. It is so simple and fun to do. […]

Feeding Your Skin From Within for a Heathy, Youthful Complexion

VOLUME 5. TREAT YOUR FACE LIKE A SALAD. Skin Care Naturally, Wrinkle-and-Blemish-Free Recipes and Gourmet Hints for a Fabu-lishous Face. Volume 5. Feeding Your Skin from Within – Diet, Supplements for Healthy & Problem Skin

Feeding Your Skin from Within: in volume 5, we see that feeding your face from the inside is just as important as feeding from the outside. As we learn more and more that we are, indeed, what we eat, we can see that our skin reflects this all too clearly.

Straighten Your Back to Lift Your Face

STRAIGHTEN YOUR BACK TO LIFT YOUR FACE! With age, spines tend to compress due to gravity, thinning bones, and weak back muscles. This makes your chin jut forward, your back sway, and your shoulders round. In turn, this affects your face to produce jowls and a sagging neck. So, if you’re diligently practicing a facial […]