MYSHAYO LOVES DRUMSTICKS is a funny story about a very special little wildcat cub. His name is Myshayo. He is a Geoffroy cat, one of the smallest wildcats in the world. He is also very cute and very charming and LOVES DRUMSTICKS!

He loves drumsticks so much that he steals them away from the other cats. But Myshayo is so enchanting, that the other cats allow him to get away with his thievery, that is, until Patti Cake, a really big Chausie, turns the tables on him.

The story is accompanied by fun photos of Myshayo and his escapades.


Myshayo Is a Little Wildcat


A Geoffroy Cat



Baby Geoffroy Cat Licking His Chops



A lively photographic journal, Myshayo is a rascal and a charmer. You will fall madly in love with him.

You’ll also want Myshayo’s FIRST BOOK I Love You My Baby. It’s all about how much Myshayo’s Mommy loves him.

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