NEW MARTIN LUTHER KING 2014 MEMORIAL COVER! Three books in one: Martin Luther King and the Montgomery Story: How 50,000 Negroes Found a New Way to End Racial Discrimination; Mahatma Gandhi & How a Nation Won Its Freedom; How the Montgomery Method Works

Best Selling Kindle Author Presents…

The 1950s Civil Rights Movement retro comic!



…ON THE CUTTING EDGE OF THE MONTGOMERY STORY, “joining” with Reverend Martin Luther King, Coretta Scott King, Rosa Parks, Reverend Robert Graetz, Reverend Ralph Abernathy and others during a period of social upheaval.

  • Feel the Emotions! The Frustrations! Fears! Overwhelming Faith! Love! …and the quiet determination of people working together to make incredible CIVIL changes.
  • “Hear” Rev. King’s sermon on how Mahatma Gandhi through NONVIOLENT CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE brought the powerful British Empire to its knees without firing a shot!
  • Learn How to use nonviolence anywhere to make POSITIVE CHANGES…even today!

What People Are Saying!

Really, a must read. If nothing else but to understand how different the country was in 1956 and how early in the history of the Civil Rights movement, how important Dr. King was.

Absolutely inspiring–with the added advantage that the art is fine, the likenesses are good, and the production is impeccable. No need to make allowances for good intentions. Good as it gets.

So, are you ready to experience…

  • The power of the Civil Rights Movement!
  • The determination of nonviolent people united to make overwhelming civil changes!
  • The brilliance of Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi!
  • …Are you ready to experience history as if you are there!

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