Savannah Cat – Khalil The Golden Prince A Magical Savannah Cat-Book 1 & Savannah Cat – Khalil The Golden Prince A Magical Savannah Cat Returns – Book 2 – Bundle  This is a combination Photo Journal of Book One that recounts the First Life of Khalil, an exquisite Savannah cat whose father is a full-blooded African Serval, and Book Two that tells of the first year of Khalil’s Second Life with his special family of magnificent exotic hybrid cats.
In these two books, you are taken on a magical journey by Khalil,  a big yellow cat with long legs, tall ears and jet black spots.


In his first full color photo journal Book 1, Khalil tells about his first life with his family. He says, “I came to be with my human Mommy on June 10 and left August 26. My magical journey lasted for a little over two months.” Khalil, you see, had come home ill and has to leave.


After a little over a year away, Khalil returns to his family and and announces, “Mommy, I’m home! And I’m here to stay! Khalil’s second book is also a full color photo documentary/essay of his first month home as told by Khalil himself.


For those who believe in reincarnation, this is an excellent children’s book. For people who love cats, this is heaven. And for those who love exotic cat hybrids: Savannahs, Chausies, Bagrals (Fishing Cat hybrids), Bengals, and Desert Lynx, this is beyond heaven. Read more!


What People Are Saying about Khalil The Golden Prince!


“Thank you, thank you, thank you! I loved this!
Great photos, made me smile at these precious faces!”


Uncle Greggie does look like a crocodile! I enjoyed this so much.”


“Wonderful. Made me smile inside.”


OMGoodness, what a sweet book! I thoroughly enjoyed both of them A lot of love and warmth… Great job – well done! Made me cry. ”


“…an amazing journey of lives woven together with such love. I will look at the rest of your books. I love what you have to say.”


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