VOLUME 2. TREAT YOUR FACE LIKE A SALAD: Skin Care Naturally, Wrinkle-and-Blemish-Free Recipes and Gourmet Hints for a Fabu-lishous Face Volume 2 “What’s in the Bowl?” Natural Care for Your Individual Skin Type. [Kindle Edition]

Volume 2 covers an enormous amount of information on every skin type imaginable, including how to treat and balance each particular skin type along with anti-aging protection. Whether Regular Tossed Normal, Olive Oily, Crouton Dry, FridgeWorn Devitalized, Chef’s T-Zone Combo, moving toward Marinading Mature, OverSeasoned Sensitive, PotLuck Acneic or Rosacea, the skin type is covered and then some, from special care for each complexion, diet, and individual skin-type “recipes,” sun protection, repairing broken capillaries, removing age spots, erasing wrinkles and more.

The perfect dressing is the sauce that suits your skin today. Tomorrow, your lip smakin’ tasty recipe may well need a splash of this or a dash of that to balance temporary changes in diet, seasons and hormones. Oily moisture-laden summer skins bathe in a light sauce, while the demands of winter require hardier fare. And an over indulgence in fried foods, sugar, caffeine, or alcohol can present challenges to the most masterful chef’s marinade.

Throughout the weeks, months, and years, oil, moisture, hormonal cycles and nutritional needs fluctuate. In time, overactive teenage skin will wind down, craving more lubrication and moisture, and perhaps, herbal hormone support, as well. No one food supplies every nutritional requirement, and the dressing that works like a charm today, may need some major revamping tomorrow. Isn’t it wonderful to have a refrigerator and pantry filled with choices?

Elaborate or simple, the “dressings” you choose for your salad always depend on the ingredients in the bowl. So, let’s get down to it. What’s in the bowl?

What is your skin type today? Read more…

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Treat Your Face Like a Salad, all kindle volumes:

  • Volume 1: Succulent Seductive Skin! The Basics.
  • Volume 2: “What’s in the Bowl?” Natural Care for Your Individual Skin Type.
  • Volume 3: Mix Like a Pro! Aromatherapy, Clays, Masks, Moisturizers, Skin Care Recipes For All Occasions.
  • Volume 4: Specialties of the House, 3 Amazing Skin Tighteners!
  • Volume 5:  Feeding Your Skin from Within – Diet, Supplements for Healthy & Problem Skin.
  • Volume 6: Skin Care Routines, Aromatherapy Courses, Resources & Selected Reading.


All Six Volumes in one classic paperback edition.

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