I LOVE YOU MY BABY is story about a very special little wildcat cub. His name is Myshayo. He is a Geoffroy baby, one of the smallest wildcat cubs in the world. His mother Shanta tells how she takes care of her baby in the first days and weeks after he is born. She tells how much she loves and protects him.

The story is accompanied by exciting photos of Shanta with her baby Myshayo and of Myshayo when he’s a little older and begins to walk on a leash and play in the grass and in the garden.

My Name is Shanta


     Picture of Shanta and her Baby


I am not an ordinary cat


Picture of Baby Geoffroy Cat


A lovely photographic journal, Shanta is a powerfully protective Mom and Myshayo is an exquisite cub whose amazing eyes you’ll remember forever.

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