LOOK YOUNGER NATURALLY! Anti-Aging Secrets to Regain Your Youthful Essence and Become Positively Ageless! (Natural Facelift) [Kindle Edition]

When we think of anti-aging, our first image is wrinkle-free, taut skin. But how many people have you seen who have undergone dramatic cosmetic procedures and lack a youthful essence? They still “feel” and act old. That youthful spark is just plain missing.

In Look Younger Naturally! We are going for more than facial wrinkles, we are aiming for total rejuvenation. We are looking to reclaim our feelings and dreams of youth, our hopes, our self-love and self-esteem.

We are going to reclaim the youthful essence with which we can become positively ageless. You will not only look younger, you will be younger. You will eliminate the inner lines that make you feel and act old – the wrinkles on your inner face!

How will we do this? By Playing the Youth Games, Like…


Lie down or sit back and relax. Mentally open the photo albums, scrap books and collections that you have filled through the years. Maybe you’ll have one large book to review.

Let your thoughts drift.

Feel your body float back through time.

You are traveling backward… backward… becoming younger… and younger….
You are feeling young, happy, warm and comfortable. As you leisurely thumb through your mental album, pictures will present themselves. These are not necessarily in order. This is fine. Just let the pictures come as they do.
When you see a picture that attracts you, STOP…

Casually examine it. Note the qualities and the images that you find appealing.
Perhaps, you’ll be presented with a feeling, rather than a picture, and you are seeking to match it with an event or a circumstance.

Immerse yourself in the emotions.

Wait for the corresponding pictures.

Take your time. The whole experience is very pleasant, very comfortable, very relaxing.

You might hear laughter or giggles.

Or, visualize an event that made you feel special or exciting, or meet a particular person.

As you travel, renew yourself in the images, thoughts and feelings. You are becoming more and more refreshed. Basking in the warmth of your youth, slowly continue to drift.

As you rediscover pleasant scenes and feelings, make a mental note to bring them back with you to the present.

Incorporate the good feelings and the images you admire. They are, after all, part of you.

This is a wonderful game to play as you awaken in the morning or just before going to sleep at night. Each excursion will bring new visions and memories.

We will play Games that will free you from any pain you have experienced in the past, and Self-Love Games. …

You enter into the Love Games with the knowledge that you are a universe unto yourself, no less important than this planet we live on and the greater universe of which it is a part. You realize that You are Creator of your own Universe, your own Reality, and Your Personal Image of Youth.

By traveling to the most wonderful moments of your youth as well as releasing any past pain, you free your Personal Ideal Image of Youth to become Positively Ageless! More…

Look Younger Naturally is the kindle edition of the paperback book Positively Young.

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