LIVING A RICH LIFE: HOW TO GET WHAT YOU NEED EVERYDAY! We have been told we can achieve material and spiritual miracles by asking the universe for what we want ever since we were children. We have also been told that prayer is the answer for anything we want.

This is totally true!

But how many of us have ever been given exact instructions as to how we can attain our most coveted goals through our appeals to the Universe.

Okay, there are those times when we pray for a last minute miracle. And, sometimes, our cries for help are answered. But what if we canĀ  sidestep the trauma in the first place and avoid a last-ditch, desperate effort?

We can actually keep ourselves from unwanted problems and live a fulfilled, peaceful, and rich life.

This book will teach you in down-to-earth, easy to understand language: the way you can live the life you want to be living! More information…