POWER COLOR VOLUME 3. How to Balance and Change Your Life with Color (Power Color Your Personal ColorScope)

Take a look at your clothes’ closet. Is it primarily filled with a few colors you feel comfortable wearing? Do you usually decorate your home in certain colors? Lean toward buying your cars in one particular shade? Usually paint your house in a certain tone?

And have you noticed how on some days, you crave a particular color while on other days “a little dab’ll do ya?”

We all have favorite colors, colors that balance our individual color energies.
If you’ve read Volume 1 or 2, you are, most likely, beginning to understand why some friends, lovers or business associates are so color-fast they just don’t fade no matter how many dunkings you take or how many times they hang you out to dry.

Then again, you may be wrapping your mind around the reason why you just can’t quite see eye-to-eye with so-and-so is because you are each functioning within your own individual color spheres.

You may have even begun to wonder just how far this color business can go. Well, my “aura-cle,” there is much you can do by deliberately adding colors and tones into your life that can reinforce your Basic Energy, modify a mood, and/or balance a Blend or a Flash. You can make changes in your relationships, your environment, in your physicality, your outlook, and your life.

Read about the power and meaning of color. Take the Color-Energy Test. Tabulate your color sign, and learn about your individual personality profile.

If you have already tabulated your Color Sign in volume one or two, and don’t need a personality profile refresher, skip to “Creating with Color” and I will introduce you to the possibilities. Read More…

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