EVERYBODY LOVES MYSHAYO,  a very special little wildcat cub who lives with a family of hybrid exotic cats. These are cats whose mother and/or father have wildcat blood in their veins. Myshayo is a Geoffroy (type of wild cat) baby, who is one of the smallest wildcat cubs in the world. He is very, very smart and oh-so-sweet. His mother Shanta and all the cats and kittens he lives with love him a whole lot.

Why do you love me?

Why do you love me?

Myshayo wants to know why they love him so much. He goes from one cat to the next asking that very question, “Why do you love me?” He receives many good answers and learns what makes people and other animals love you.

The story has real life photos of Myshayo and his extended family. You may see some cats you’ve never seen before and they are all very beautiful. But most of all, you’ll remember Myshayo, the beautiful little boy whose amazing eyes you’ll remember forever.

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