HOW MANY WAYS DOES A CAT SLEEP is part of Anti-Aging Press’ children’s art and sensitivity experience series. It deals with multiple ways of viewing life forms as well as objects, attitudes, and problem solving.

Rhymes and illustrations make learning fun!
How many way does a cat sleep?
Curled up tight,
Settled down deep,
Or two,
Or a few in a heap….

Drawing of three sleeping cats.

A deceptively simple series, How Many Ways has powerful impact. It teaches a child to think and observe while being entertained.


The author/artist’s ability to render not only the cat but their attitude with just a few lines is remarkable.

Picked this up for my niece and found myself flipping through page after page just to see the next illustration. She loved it and so did I.

Perfect for a child of any age. I really enjoyed this book. You can really “feel” the cats in the drawings and it makes you wonder: “How many ways does a cat sleep?” Read More…


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