Drawing Your Way Learn To Draw Like a Pro With Your Own Individual Style, Quickly, Easily & Naturally. Volume 1. Sense Awareness [Kindle Edition]

There truly is only ONE WAY TO DRAW – that way is YOUR WAY! Whether you’re a beginning or advanced student doesn’t matter.

A CHILD CREATES BEFORE HE OR SHE IS TAUGHT THAT HE OR SHE MUST IMITATE…The far-reaching implications of this statement are overwhelming.

Couple this with the fact that a DRAWING IS AN ABSTRACTION, whether the subject is a model, landscape, or still-life, and you are catapulted into another realm.

While a drawing can appear very “realistic,” as a photograph is realistic, a drawing is none-the-less an abstraction no matter how close the likeness is to the subject.

Unless something is recreated atom for atom, molecule for molecule, cell for cell, it is forever an abstraction. Even a photograph is a two dimensional abstraction of something that generally exists in the third dimension.

The recognition of these concepts should FREE THE ARTIST TOTALLY.

This means an artist, intentionally or unintentionally, has no choice but to interpret through his or her own senses and express his or her individuality, creativity and vision.

How deep, rich and individual that vision is depends on the artist’s ability to see, feel, interpret and employ the tools and techniques of the chosen medium.

Starting with initial sense perceptions, the Drawing Your Way series will help you to focus with new eyes that create, not attempt to imitate. The objective is to FREE AND ENRICH THE CREATIVE ARTIST IN YOU.

The concepts, exercises, and mechanics in the Drawing Your Way series will be valid only in the way you allow them to affect you as a unique individual.

YOU ARE ONE OF A KIND. What you do with what is presented in this series is as personal as the signature you sign and the way you sign that signature.

In any given exercise, what and how you see, feel, or sense will be totally yours, and will reflect who you are, from the initial perception to your resultant awareness.

We are not concerned with the Art in the history books, the mystique of art, the current fad in the marketplace or prevailing esthetics. The art you will be refining is your own sensory awareness and your personal drawing technique that will reach into your very core to EXPRESS YOUR PERSONAL VISION.

It is critical that each exercise be taken in order, taken seriously, and with your full concentration. Do not jump around.

Each lesson is presented simply and directly, and designed to unfold a panorama of sensations and learning experiences that will lead you to draw your way.

Of prime importance is seeing, feeling, and becoming aware; and like your signature, exciting drawings that will amaze your friends, family, classmates, and/or clients will flow like magic from your pen, crayon, pencil, and paintbrush, quickly, easily and naturally. More…