DINOSAUR WORD SCRAMBLE, 31 WORD GAMES AND 31 WORD PUZZLES plus DINOSAUR FACTS AND FOTOS. More than a CLASSIC WORD SCRAMBLE game book, these Dinosaur Word Scramble Games for Adults, Teens, Parents and Kids have DINOSAUR photos, facts, and fun puzzles to challenge your gray matter and test your dinosaur knowledge.

For instance, you may recognize this dino, but do you know why he had plates along his back?

Why did this dinosaur have plates on his back?

And….why is this dinosaur famous?

Why is this dinosaur famous?

Besides fantastic dino fun facts, here’s how to play the Word Scramble: Each word game has a group of 6 scrambled letters with a HINT for each six-letter dinosaur-related word. You must rearrange the scrambled letters into meaningful words in the following formats: 3 Letter words 4 Letter words 5 Letter words 6 Letter words You can breeze or battle through 3 Levels to challenge yourself – Very Easy, Moderately Difficult & Difficult!

All together 260 pages of very entertaining, educational, and fun individual or family brain challenge. Read more…

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