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Vampire Castle: Retro Comics 11, Vampire 1

Do You Love Blood-Sucking “Batty” Barons? Are you into Scary, Fun and Funky? Then you want to hear and SEE Gwenn Dorn’s hair-raising story in “living retro color” as she reveals the chilling, petrifying ordeal she and her sweetheart Jon face against the overwhelming challenge of the supernatural!

The Vampire Cat: A Halloween Curse, Kindle Retro Comics

Do you believe an innocent thought, wished in anger, can become a HORRIBLE CURSE? Then you want to be there when Evil Forces take over and Vilma becomes a VAMPIRE who MUST feast on humans nightly or become a cat forever!

The Return of the Werewolf – Kindle Retro Comic

When the clock strikes midnight the coffins open as two helpless victims watch the grisly reunion of werewolves and they are the intended celebration dinner.

Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi and Civil Disobedience

Three powerful retro comic books in one: Martin Luther King and the Montgomery Story: How 50,000 Negroes Found a New Way to End Racial Discrimination (be on the cutting edge as it happened); Mahatma Gandhi & How a Nation Won Its Freedom; How the Montgomery Method Works

“Art by Carlson” George Carlson Comic Book Revival

Alec in Fumbleland, Comics Super Fun brings back the Fun of the 1940s and “Art by Carlson” the brilliant world of an artist who thrilled children and adults during the first half of the twentieth century with thousands of humorous, fanciful, nonsensical, distinctive, and dynamic cartoons, comics, riddles, and games