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Hey Kids! Check it out! WILD WEST FUN, PUZZLES & GAMES!

Wild West Fun, Puzzles and Games for Junior Cowgirls and Cowboys. Look at what readers are saying… “I love this book. From the retro cover to the games and puzzles inside. This book book takes me back to my childhood with great games and puzzles that will keep children of any age happy. *Warning* This is not your typical game’s book. This is a book that is so superior to most kids books of this type, they can’t even see its dust.”

Brain Power in a Comic Puzzle Book!

Puzzle-Fun Comics Volume 2 for Kids 7 to 70+ by Educational Brain Games. Ready for some fun and mental push-ups with Amazon’s best selling Author Julia Busch? These interactive brain games will have you chuckling as you become brainier.

Fun Puzzles to Tune up Your Brain!

Puzzle-Fun Comics Volume 1 for Kids 7 to 70+ by Educational Brain Games. Interactive Brain Games to make wrinkles where it counts…in your brain… the one place where wrinkles make you grow younger and SMARTER!

Yummy Chocolate Recipes & Word Scramble Games Big Book

CHOCOLATE LOVERS WORD SCRAMBLE Brain Teaser Fun for Adults, Teens, Parents & Kids – Improve Your Mind, Vocabulary, Spelling – while picking up fun Recipes Candy, Cookies, Cupcakes … (Educational Puzzles and Fun Brain Games) [Kindle Edition] WHAT READERS on Amazon.com ARE SAYING! Okay…chocolate is supposed to be good for your brain, and word games […]

Dinosaur Brain Games: Adult, Teen, Kid & Family Fun!

DINOSAUR WORD SCRAMBLE, 31 WORD GAMES AND 31 WORD PUZZLES plus DINOSAUR FACTS AND FOTOS. More than a CLASSIC WORD SCRAMBLE game book, these Dinosaur Word Scramble Games for Adults, Teens, Parents and Kids have DINOSAUR photos, facts, and fun puzzles to challenge your gray matter and test your dinosaur knowledge. For instance, you may […]