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Which of the Seventeen Color Personalities are You?

According to cutting edge color-energy theory, there are 17 basic color personalities or Color Signs. The theory states that while we are each an ever-changing rainbow or moving light projection containing all the colors of the universe (with every color imaginable in every personality), you can still determine your underlying predominant color personality within the […]

What Color Are You?

POWER COLOR BUNDLE VOLUMES 1-4 [Kindle Edition] Have you ever thought of yourself as a particular color or colors? Are you a Fiery Red? A Calm Blue? A nuclear Intellectual Yellow? A Social Orange? A Regal Purple? Believe it or not, your underlying energy patterns reflect in specific colors that translate to a Color Sign […]

Find Love, Romance, Your Soulmate with the ColorScope!

  POWER COLOR VOLUME 1. YOUR COLOR SIGN COMPATIBILITIES IN LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP Power Color is an ENTIRELY NEW COLOR CONCEPT that is based on your personal energy. Presented in a fun, light-hearted 4-volume Kindle edition, the underlying concepts are profound. It is amazing, how, by asking non-color “questions, you can define your Color Sign, […]