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Myshayo Loves Drumsticks – Smallest Baby Wildcat in the World

MYSHAYO LOVES DRUMSTICKS is a fun, photo illustrated story about a very special little wildcat cub. His name is Myshayo. He is a Geoffroy cat, one of the smallest wildcats in the world. He is also very cute and very charming and LOVES DRUMSTICKS so much he steals them from the big cats. He gets away with it until…

Magical Savannah Cat – Khalil the Golden Prince Books 1 – 2

Khalil is a Savannah cat. His father was a full-blooded African Serval. This is a photo journal of his two lives. His first life was only a little over two months. He picks up his second life a little over a year later to tell his story himself.

Who Do That Poo? An Oliver Owl Mystery

Oliver owl is awakened from his sleep by an awful smell. He peeks out through the hole in his tree to see a big, fat, wet, stinky, brown turd. Oliver is very upset and he wishes he knew, WHO DO THAT POO? And he’s determined to find out!

How Many Ways Does a Cat Sleep?

HOW MANY WAYS DOES A CAT SLEEP is part of Anti-Aging Press’ children’s art and sensitivity experience series. It deals with multiple ways of viewing life forms as well as objects, attitudes, and problem solving. Rhymes and illustrations make learning fun! How many way does a cat sleep? Curled up tight, Settled down deep, One, […]

The Reincarnation of an Exotic Savannah Cat!

KHALIL THE GOLDEN PRINCE, A MAGICAL SAVANNAH CAT, RETURNS. Do you love photographs of exquisite, exotic hybrid cats? You’ll find them here. After leaving the earth and his family for over a year, Khalil returns to his beloved home and Auntie Mari, an exotic Bagral (half Fishing Cat), his Desert Lynx brothers Feather and Poppie, […]

Stubby the Magic Rope, an Illustrated Children’s Story

  STUBBY THE MAGIC ROPE! Stubby is an unhappy little rope who mopes all the time and thinks he is nothing special. Then he discovers he is the most magical rope in the world! You won’t believe the change! This charming, illustrated children’s book puts a new spin on the Magic Rope Trick. It is part […]

How Many Ways Can You Color a Cat?

HOW MANY WAYS CAN YOU COLOR A CAT is part of our children’s art and sensitivity experience series that deals with multiple ways of seeing and problem solving. Great rhyming fun as you color him “round” and color him “flat.” Color him plain and out in the rain… How many ways can you color a […]

Khalil The Golden Prince: Magical Savannah Cat

KHALIL THE GOLDEN PRINCE, A MAGICAL SAVANNAH CAT Khalil, a Savannah Cat whose father is a buff colored African Serval with huge black spots, very long legs and tall ears, comes to the earth for a brief stay. This is his story as told by Khalil in a photo journal of his first, very brief, […]