Puzzle-Fun Comics Volume 2 for Kids 7 to 70+ by Educational Brain Games. Ready for some fun and mental push-ups with Amazon’s best selling Author Julia Busch?

These interactive brain games will have you chuckling as you become brainier…

  • You’ll become an eagle eye in noticing your surroundings
  • You’ll become smarter
  • You’ll think faster
  • You’ll get fantastic brain “push-ups”
  • And you’ll love the artwork George Carlson

Tune up Your Brain today! Make wrinkles where it counts… in your brain and grow younger and smarter with…

  • Brain Games Picture Puzzles
  • Comics Puzzles and Games
  • A Comics Fun Puzzles Book
  • Brain Games Games
  • Brain Games for Kids
  • Brain Games for Adults
  • Brain Stimulating Mazes
  • Word Ladders
  • Word Scrambles
  • Rebus Puzzles
  • Crosswords to Improve Your Vocabulary!
  • Silly Riddles to Make You Think!
  • And a Whole Lot More!