Alec in Fumbleland, Comics Super Fun brings back the Fun of the 1940s and “Art by Carlson” the brilliant world of an artist who thrilled children and adults during the first half of the twentieth century with thousands of humorous, fanciful, nonsensical, distinctive, and dynamic cartoons, comics, riddles, and games.

Alec in Fumbleland is a camp takeoff on Alice in Wonderland and originated in Puzzle-Fun Comics -Volume 2.

“Art by Carlson” may be a walk down memory lane for some. But for a whole new generation of kids, this book may be an introduction to an exciting area that combines whimsical art and adept creative talent into exciting comics.

What people are saying:
…classic fun for a new generation. The drawings are amazing and the fun little story will delight cartoon lovers of all ages.
…a take-off on the Alice in Wonderland story and the drawings are truly vintage.
…Follow along as Alec and a talking Rabbit fumble about trying to deliver an important envelope to the King of Fumbleland. Busch has updated the cartoons and their text to make this comic enjoyable on a digital device. Fun read from the 1940’s
There was a time when comics were meant to be funny and humorous and not just well drawn and action packed like the comics that we see today. This type of comics really brings back memories and it’s a refreshing change from all the modern-ness of this day and age.

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