PLUGIN HOT SHOT! WordPress Plugin Creation Secrets (As Overheard by Eldi Abilo from Jason Fladlien) (Deliciously Wicked Tricks Series)

This training manual is a cutting-edge opportunity to make your bottom line soar with multiple sales.

Information products sell one-by-one while WordPress plugins can be purchased in tiered licensed multiples. You get more bang for your investment buck and time spent. And you don’t even need to know one shred of code.

Jason Fladlien leaves nothing to chance. He offers step-by-step expert advice on how to choose a viable plugin concept, how to interview and describe exactly, with word-for-word dialog, what you want your programmer to build. He tells you how it can be done for pennies on the dollar as well as for no up front out of pocket cash whatsoever. And Jason also tells you precisely how to sell these juicy, little plugins.

Click here to read more on either the Kindle version or the original PDF of Jason Fladlien’s Plugin HotShot (the same content). It’s short, to the point, no fluff, all content on how to create and sell your own WP Plugins