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Khalil The Golden Prince: Magical Savannah Cat

KHALIL THE GOLDEN PRINCE, A MAGICAL SAVANNAH CAT Khalil, a Savannah Cat whose father is a buff colored African Serval with huge black spots, very long legs and tall ears, comes to the earth for a brief stay. This is his story as told by Khalil in a photo journal of his first, very brief, […]

Stroke Away Wrinkles to Look Younger in Seconds!

  FACIAL MASTER STROKES: STROKE AWAY WRINKLES, LOOK YOUNGER IN SECONDS [Kindle Edition] Simple, master stroke techniques, when used alone, are enormously effective. They can also be used to augment, or alternate with, my Facelift Naturally acupressure Program. You can prove their effectiveness to yourself by immediately erasing the wrinkles on your forehead. They are […]

Twas the Night Before Catmas!

A play on The Night Before Christmas, in this fun, rhyming, illustrated, children’s book, Santa is a huge, handsome mouse, called St. Catmouse, whose sleigh is pulled by eight enormous cats. There’s Meower the Snow Leopard, Roar the Lion, Purrfect the Panther, Whiskers the Tiger, Scratcher the Eurasian Lynx, Leaper the Jaguar, Paws the Leopard, and Graceful the Cheetah. And a family of domestic cats and kittens are waiting for St. Catmouse to bring Cat Nip and Fuzzy Toys for Catmas.

How to Create and Balance Your Life With Color!

POWER COLOR VOLUME 3. How to Balance and Change Your Life with Color (Power Color Your Personal ColorScope) Take a look at your clothes’ closet. Is it primarily filled with a few colors you feel comfortable wearing? Do you usually decorate your home in certain colors? Lean toward buying your cars in one particular shade? […]

Treat Your Face Like a Salad Vol. 3: Skin Care Recipes For All Occasions

Treat Your Face Like a Salad Vol. 3, kindle edition. Mix up your own cosmetics like a pro from aromatherapy, to understanding Clays, Masks, Moisturizers, Skin Care… Recipes For All Occasions!

Which of the Seventeen Color Personalities are You?

According to cutting edge color-energy theory, there are 17 basic color personalities or Color Signs. The theory states that while we are each an ever-changing rainbow or moving light projection containing all the colors of the universe (with every color imaginable in every personality), you can still determine your underlying predominant color personality within the […]

Angelic Messages for the Earth!

MY SECRET LIFE WITH AN ANGEL: EARTH IN THE SEVENTH CIRCLE The earth is at a critical cross-road. We know this from Revelations, the Mayan Calendar and our own scientific predictions. My Secret Life with an Angel goes beyond the physical ramifications, deeply into the spiritual underpinnings of the earth hovering on the seventh circle. […]

Hey Kids! Check it out! WILD WEST FUN, PUZZLES & GAMES!

Wild West Fun, Puzzles and Games for Junior Cowgirls and Cowboys. Look at what readers are saying… “I love this book. From the retro cover to the games and puzzles inside. This book book takes me back to my childhood with great games and puzzles that will keep children of any age happy. *Warning* This is not your typical game’s book. This is a book that is so superior to most kids books of this type, they can’t even see its dust.”

Facelift Naturally Acupressure for Men & Women

  FACELIFT NATURALLY, THE AT HOME, OR ANYWHERE, PAINLESS, NATURAL FACELIFT FOR MEN AND WOMEN THAT REALLY WORKS! This easy acupressure system really gets the job done. Many times, differences are noticed after the first session.   WHAT READERS ARE SAYING “Facelift Naturally really works….The lines from my nose to my lips and chin are […]

How to Look Younger Naturally!

LOOK YOUNGER NATURALLY! Anti-Aging Secrets to Regain Your Youthful Essence and Become Positively Ageless! (Natural Facelift) [Kindle Edition] When we think of anti-aging, our first image is wrinkle-free, taut skin. But how many people have you seen who have undergone dramatic cosmetic procedures and lack a youthful essence? They still “feel” and act old. That […]